Traveling Wedding Photographer

Alycia LovelL



It is my intention to help draw out a subject’s truest sense of self as a lover, friend, and partner and honor this expression through the art and lasting legacy of photography.



I aim to capture moments for my clients that will become a living legacy of their particular experience on their wedding day, leaving them with a tangible artifact able to induce awe for years to come. For those I photograph during an engagement shoot or wedding day, I intend to honor their unique personhood not by telling them what they should do, but instead instinctively guiding them to be their full selves in front of my camera, honoring this self-expression by capturing it in its purest, most breathtaking form.


Alycia is the definition of warm professionalism. From the first email to our dinner meetings and the event day itself, we felt cared for as though we were lifelong friends. Every request we made was met with enthusiasm and understanding. During our wedding, Alycia blended in, almost as if we didn’t have a photographer; and while nobody would have minded her bright personality, we felt this was an expert touch that was much appreciated by our family. Alycia has a truly creative eye and made suggestions with tact, which made our photos even more beautiful than imagined. I think it’s natural for family and friends to make positive comments about wedding photos as a courtesy, but every single person that has looked at our pictures has commented on how genuinely ours are the best they’ve ever seen. We think so of course!

/  Mara & cHris  /



My clients have an understanding and appreciation for the way design and style honor their sense of self, and their unique love story. Those I work with intend to craft elegant and sophisticated weddings reflective of an appreciation for high-end design, whether their wedding takes place in an Icelandic church, a light-filled loft, or their parent’s backyard, allowing me into the fold to give life to this expression.


I have admired Alycia’s photographic style for a few years now and was so excited to work with her! We were nervous about being silly and looking comfortable in front of the camera, but she brought music along and took the time we needed to feel better. She was very easy to talk to and is such a sweet person. We’re so glad that she is going to be with us on our wedding day.

/  Kate & Brandon  /



  • A wedding vision of elevated style and design.

  • The unique personhood of my subjects and their stories.

  • The importance of helping clients experience the full breadth of their wedding day, particularly the smaller moments happening around them.

  • Providing beautiful images so my clients may have an opportunity to showcase and relive their wedding day throughout the years, prolonging the feeling of wonder and tenderness.